Construction projects – Radio controlled aircraft are gaining popularity in the construction industry where aerial photography can be used for site surveys and monitoring overall progress of major construction projects. Projects can be documented over time to provide a complete record of every stage of the work.

Construction Progress Updates

Promotional Material – Aerial photographs and videos can make a big impact on your promotional material. Whether an aerial image of your hotel, an aerial video tour of your theme park or golf course, or scenic views of the surrounding countryside, all can be affordably captured using a radio controlled aircraft.

Golf Course Flyovers

Hotels & Resorts

Historical Buildings

Landmark Surveys

Inspections – Radio controlled aircraft can be flown to precise locations, which make it easy to carry out detailed inspection of roofs, chimneys and other structures to assess if they need maintenance or repair. It is generally much cheaper with drones than with traditional techniques such as using mobile elevated platforms

Visual Inspections

Agriculture Inspections

Real Estate – Aerial photographs of individual properties and new build estates can be a great tool for estate agents, giving potential buyers an entirely new perspective and make your estate agent business stand out from the crowd by adding a truly professional touch to your brochures and online images.

Commercial Property

Residential Property

Special Events – Radio controlled aircraft have the potential provide a whole new perspective on recording important family events such as weddings and special parties. Shooting part of your wedding video and stills from the air can add a whole new dimension, making a stunning visual impact on your record the most important events in your life.

Night Time Photography