Why Aysels

Cost Effectiveness – By using radio-controlled equipment, we cut down your costs of hiring a traditional helicopter or plane with a pilot.

Advantage – We believe that aerial filming is an art form, supported by advanced technology. We never stop pushing the boundaries of art and technology to get our clients the highest quality imagery possible. We utilize the latest custom-designed camera platforms and advanced electronic gyro-stabilization technology to capture stunning aerial imagery from 720p up to Full-HD resolution. Our leading-edge camera platforms and creative team allow us to capture spectacular imagery and film sequences that will simply amaze your audience.

Accessibility – By flying lower, we are able to capture images from a height which offers more detail. Our equipment can fly over water, between trees, poles, and various other obstructions, which is not possible through the traditional helicopter-with-a-pilot method. With our radio-controlled aircraft, we can provide you with amazing images of places that are otherwise inaccessible.

Flexibility – Our modern equipment allows us to move quickly from point to point to capture incredibly dynamic videos on the move. Our prime focus is your unique requirements. We can capture aerial imagery for your sporting events, TV documentaries, homes, real estate, buildings, or anything else that you need. We take pride in offering personal professional service, and you can totally rely on us.

Versatility – Our team’s high level of experience gives our clients a major advantage on their productions. Our camera platform allow us to create low & slow movements, or high and fast film sequences. We can capture your models and subjects in unique and artful ways, bringing a new level of creativity to your production. Our mobile platforms allow our team to be on location on short notice. We offer full post-production services for both photography and promotional videos, or we can provide raw footage directly to your production team.

Awareness – Our Company is highly experienced in the aviation environment, which enables our team to safely plan our film shoots. Safety is our priority #1, and we perform all of our filming according to our strict operational & safety policies.